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How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India in 2020

It can arouse a bit of curiosity in a person as to how they can start an online business to benefit themselves and Affiliate marketing in India. Here is one of the best business models to choose from as some extra money in the pocket can never be bad.

When a person has income coming from different sources then they are able to afford anything they like. It can be a branded watch or even luxurious cars. One of the best ways to earn this income today is Affiliate Marketing. It is trending because you can make an 80% commission cut on this scheme. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This business is one of the best business online as it helps in earning an extra share of income. It is a process where an earning can be created on a commission basis by promoting the products of other companies. After you choose the product that you like, you just have to tell others about it and you can make a profit from the sales of that product.

  • The Affiliate Marketer
  • The Product creator and the one who is selling.

The procedure of promoting the product of the other company can be done in many ways such as:

  • Through bloggers and influencers.
  • Social Networking
  • SMS and Email Marketing

 The best method proven till now is blogging and it has come out to success for Affiliate Marketers. There are many websites in India that are offering a very high conversion rate as some of them who are at the top of the list need time for convincing and that has to be done by you in order to work the business. There are many such as Flipkart Affiliate Marketing, Amazon and eBay are also examples of companies who use this process.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India?

This type of marketing has become the turning point for most of the businesses. There are merely two ways to do this;

  • Starting a Blog
  • Any other way to promoting on Social Media.

After you start a blog, you need the affiliate products to promote and earn money. For this purpose, you have to plug yourself into the PPC or the CPC marketing campaign to gain the benefit. In this marketing, you sell the product through an affiliate link which gets you 80% of the products MRP as your commission and you earn money.

There are four necessary steps to Affiliate Marketing-

Step 1: Find a Product type to Promote

The first step is to find the category of the product that suits you and you can promote. It is the first and the most crucial step as you will be starting your business and all the future requirements are depending on this. When you are selecting the product category, it is very important that you choose the one that interests you the most so you can provide quality content to the audience.

You also have to keep the competition in mind as going for the one where there is too much competition can create difficulties. Research before starting this is important. You need to browse and see what interests you on Amazon or flip kart or any other site that suits you. 

Step 2: Build a Website

The next step is to build a website as the affiliate marketing can be done in many ways, but creating a website is the best bet in the business. Creating a website is not at all a difficult job. All it requires is buying a domain and a hosting plan. The two of them have to be mixed and you can start designing your website. It hardly takes 20 minutes for the whole process.

Step 3: Sign up for an Affiliate Program

After the website is made, you choose the affiliate plan according to your choice:

 Some popular networks are:

1.   Amazon

As it is launched in 2013, it is one of the best choices for this. It offers a 12% commission.

2.   Flipkart

It is also one of the best companies and the commission depends on the wide range of products.

Step 4: Select the Product you Intend to Promote

After choosing the category of the product, you then choose the items under the product. A decision has to be made about what you want to promote. You can see the best-selling list on Amazon and on the basis of ratings and reviews, you can choose the product you want to promote. After the decision is made, you can start writing the content that would be liked by the audience.

Step 5: Create Content about the Product

When you are writing the content, it is important that you write in such a way that it will persuade the audience and not just give the information. These are the best ways to write:

  • The ‘How to’ Articles:

The ‘how-to’ of the articles tell people about the best performing items. You can write or also give tutorials as to how to use them.

  • Comparison Blogs:

These are the blogs that compare features, advantages, and disadvantages of other products. You can write about their comparison.

  • Discount Articles: 

Here you can give information about the discounts that are being provided so that people save money and follow you.

  • Product Listicles: 

It is total information about the different products that fall under one category so that the buyers know the difference.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate Marketing is a very good option today as you can create a second source of your income and waive off the expenses that could not be done only on the salary.  There is a lot of scope in online-based business today and a person can earn a lot of money with it.

In this, you are not selling your product but merely promoting and receiving a commission on that basis. It is important to deliver good content to the audience if you want to succeed in this business.

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