Flipkart Affiliate vs Amazon Affiliate .Which one is the best?

There are many people nowadays who want to sell things and earn a commission of it. Many affiliate marketing programs are going on with various giant online such as Mynta, Jabong, Amazon, and many others. But from all these giant there is two giant for which everyone wants to work. These two giants are Amazon Affiliate and Flipkart Affiliate.

These giants in online shopping have their presence as people in India have started experiencing online shopping and are happy with it. If a person is looking for anything such as gadgets, then one would go for Amazon as well as Flipkart to search for it. These are running their affiliate marketing under Amazon affiliate marketing and Flipkart affiliate marketing.

What makes Flipkart affiliate marketing different from Amazon affiliate marketing?

Those who are looking to do something in the field of affiliate marketing can think of doing in it. There are few differences which are there among these, though they work on similar lines. But when we see in terms of earning, there are few things which one should note such as –

  • Commission payout – Both of these networks do payouts regarding commissions are given as per their criteria. In Flipkart affiliate marketing is being done based on the product range. They pay up to 4 to 20 percent on the basis that which type of product and the capacity of sales which is being done. For instance, the commission which one can get from Books is 6 to 12 percent, gadgets or any other electronics take around 4 to 6 percent, while the toys could give the maximum commission to as high as around 20 percent. Whereas, on the other side when the commission for Amazon affiliate marketing is around 4 to 8.5 percent on the volume of sales which is being done. So, no matter in which category one is selling the commission would be given basis on the total sale which one will do.
  • Payment process – When one does any work then one thinks of the payment, how many days will one get the commission for the product one has sold. Even there are questions in the mind, how does the payment will be provided. Amazon affiliate marketing has the process of making the payment after 60 days. But with the Flipkart affiliate marketing,the payments are made within a period of 30 to 60 days. Though 60 days period is a long time the payment policy is made like that, as there is a refund or exchange policy there for the customers. So, if any of the customers go for a refund or exchange then it will affect the payment of a commission. 
  • Inventory of the products –For the marketers, it is essential that these networks should have products in there stock. If the products are not there in the stocks then it would be of no use even if the customer goes for the link. So, before joining the affiliate marketing with any of a network, that how much stock they keep in so that the user clicking on a product gets it and should not be out of stock. Considering the inventory of both networks, Amazon keeps the inventory at a much larger scale. But if the inventory has been kept for too long then it could be possible that it will not be good. So, it is to be considered before doing marketing for anyone that the right inventory should be there. Which helps in getting a good and better commission.
  • Policy for a cookie – Whenever any sale happens with the link then it could happen through the cookie. There is a track of cookie if a user buys anything then these shopping platforms make a track of it that whether the user has purchased through it or not. There are different ways of putting across the product to a potential customer and from it, one of the ways is through email but Amazon does not allow to sell its products through email marketing. For sending the link on an email, the amazon would not pay off anything. But with Flipkart affiliate marketing if the sale is being done through email marketing then one will get a commission for it also.

The sales which is being done through other medium and if the person buys the product that too within 24 hours of opening the link then it would be given a commission. If the user buys it after 24 hours then it would not add the commission to it. Only it tracks for the 24 hours while opening the affiliate marketing link.

What are the things common in both Amazon affiliate marketing and Flipkart affiliate marketing?

  • Joining an affiliate marketing program – If anyone wants to join either of these affiliate marketing programs, one can do it easily. To join any of these affiliate marketing it is free. Just the marketer needs to comply with certain terms and conditions on their website as per their policy to be associated with them. If one does not want to be banned so it is always best that one complies with all the terms and conditions of their program. The terms and conditions which they have laid are very simple and it is best for both the network as well as a marketer to comply with it.
  • Transparent mode of working – There is scam everywhere online and there are many who are losing a lot by joining other networks, where there is no transparency. But with both Amazon as well as Flipkart are having transparency for an affiliate marketer. This gives them a satisfaction that the efforts which they are putting getting right results.
  • Provides the best of customer services – Any affiliate marketer would like to put their efforts into networks that care for the customers. If any of the marketers promote any product or services and the customers had a bad experience then their reputation also comes at stake. On the other side, if the network provides the right services to a customer for all their issues then it will benefit both marketers as well as networks. So, Amazon and Flipkart both provide good services to their customer and take care that they get the right experience.

There is a huge battle between the Flipkart affiliate marketing and Amazon affiliate marketing but they both are worth joining as compared to others. There could be a time when the product of one network could be more than another for the time being. So, one can promote the product of that network which is providing a product at a cheaper cost. It depends on the marketer of whom marketing they want to do. This could even vary based on product to product as well.

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