5 best free tools for Affiliate Marketing in 2020

It is not necessary that everyone opens a business and works on it to earn a good amount. There are others as well who work for others to promote their business, not as a job, and instead earn a commission on it. So, the one promoting businesses of others choose a product of quality from different businesses. In return, they provide them with services of promoting their product as well as business. If anyone wants their business to be promoted by others, then they need to do it through affiliate marketing.

What do you mean by Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process by which a person could earn the commission for promoting the products or services of others. The person searches for the product that one wants to sell, and by selling it they earn the profit. It is the oldest way of doing marketing digitally. In this, the marketer recommends the product, and if the person buys that product, then they will earn a commission for it. Depending on the product or services, the commission is being earned on it. The person doing the marketing can sell it in various ways. So, depending on the sales the person will earn a commission on it.

These affiliate marketing are being done in a better way through various tools made for it to work –

  • Buzzsumo

This is a tool that helps in doing the research as well as marketing the product. This will help in also understanding what trends of the market are going. As nowadays the information is being seen on blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, and many others. Through this, the user gets the information that in the last 24 hours which are the things being shared the most. Even for the last 3 months to year information is also available on it.

various things could be found on this like most shared content could be found, competitors tracking could be done, keywords could be rated as well as evaluated. Even the user can get the ideas for the content which could be shared with the readers. But in this, there are both free as well as paid versions are there and in the free version, there are some limitations. If one wants to have some more features while using it then they could buy a paid version.

  • Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer Tool –

Affiliate marketing business is all about diverting traffic towards the business. This could be made possible with the help of it. Even if the headlines are being right then the people will come to you automatically. This tool rates your headline that how much potential does it has based on different things such as structure, readability, grammar, and many other criteria. They see whether the words chosen are uncommon, common, emotional or powerful. These headlines are being rated on different scenarios such as word count, emotions attached, keyword usage, as well as length. Through this one can make an idea of what impact does it will have on others and will solve the purpose or not.

  • Word Press –

This is the most convenient way to do affiliate marketing as this is the site famous for blogs, articles, as well as for publishers. These various things could be done and very easy to use. This site does not charge anything and is free which is the best thing in this. This website has various features that make it different from others such as it is easy to find, designed in a very well way, different functions are there which make it best for it. The user can have the free templates and as per their convenience can make changes into it. If the user has the habit of exploring then on these various things could be done.

  • Content Idea Generator –

In today’s age of content, all the information float from one place to another through write-ups. But which content will cater to whom and whether that content will target the right audience or not. These types of issues come to our mind and so one needs help from others to find the right content to be written. In a click over there, one can get many headlines as well as topic ideas. From which one can get the help that how to target the right audience for their product to promote their product.

  • Canva –

If the things are explained with the visuals then it might be understood in a better way. Those things which are shown in a graphic form tend to be remembered more often than other things. As the scenes get more often imprinted on the mind of a person which is hard to forget. If the user wants to give the appeal of the content visually then this tool is best.

It does not require that the person should be equipped in making the graphical design then only they could make the use of the tool. With this tool, there are various things which could be easily made such as infographics, certificated such as gift, brochures, covers of an ebook, and many others.

With this, it becomes even easy for the person to edit various things such as images or adding text in it, as well as making customized graphics for social media. So, here one with any thought related to the designing or any things else could come into existence with this tool. This tool is so easy to use that anyone does not have to be a designer, to be here.


There are several free tools in affiliate marketing that could be used for doing the work and earning through it. Depending on the requirement it is on the user that which tool they should use. Each tool has its features that could help the user to promote their product in their way. This is based on the commission so it best if the cost of investment is low which makes these free tools to be the best option for trying

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